Decorating your home is a fun task but can also be a challenging one. You need to take the time to research and figure out what’s trending as well as determine what will look best in your home and with your theme.

The following information will lay out matching sofa colours for your interior design scheme so you know what will be the most attractive outcome. These tips will help ensure that your home or living area looks stylish, put together, and is following the latest trending colour schemes.

Black Leather Sofa

A black leather sofa is a bold but also a wise choice. It’s a great opportunity to have your sofa act as the focal point in the room. Typically you’ll want to choose softer and more laid-back paint colours like pastels, sky blue, and lighter earth tones in this case. The black will shine more when you include touches of colour and add warmth in the room. It might be fun to throw in furnishings or pillows in a shade of yellow as well.

Grey Leather Sofa

Ideally, you should consider pairing a grey sofa with neutral décor and paint colours. Think along the lines of black, beige, and wood tones. You can add both depth and dimension to the design scheme by varying the brightness of the neutrals around the particular room or setting. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with a pillow or throw as well. If you want to feel more energy and be uplifted when you walk into your room then consider painting the walls a light blue.  

Red Sofas

Without a doubt, you should go with a white interior design scheme when you opt for a red leather sofa. A ruby red couch is a fairly retro choice so decorating and painting with white will provide a modern flair. Throw in some accents in black and white such as placing down an area rug to complete the look. If you’re feeling bold then you can also paint the walls a shade of emerald green.

Brown Sofas

Ensure your décor comes together in the right manner when choosing a brown leather sofa by complementing your decor using olive greens, watery blues, and rusty reds that you might see in nature. Choose neutral pillows and throws for your brown sofa while decorating your walls and painting with earthy tones. Be inspired by the natural world around you and ground your space using this colour and interior design scheme. If your sofa is a rich brown then you may also be drawn to and like the idea of including the sophistication that pink can bring to the room.

Cream Leather Sofas

A cream leather sofa is such an elegant choice that gives off a sophisticated vibe and clean look. Think about pairing your cream leather sofa with any sort of tone of wood from light to dark and anything in between. You may also want to think about incorporating other materials into the mix such as metal and wicker. Layer the room and add interest by including monotone or contrasting artwork that will tie everything together. You can also add colour with bold pillows to place on your cream sofa or by choosing gold or metallic finishes.  

White Sofa

White sofas are an excellent choice but you also need to make sure you keep them clean and in good shape. The best part about a white sofa is that it’s highly versatile and gives you a lot of interior design scheme options. If you want to go for a more dramatic look then pair these sofas with dark wood or black furnishings. On the other hand, you can opt for bold colours and décor if you want to create a contrast that’s crisp and clear. For instance, you can escape the busyness of everyday life and relax by creating an ocean-inspired palette. Make a statement by having bold or patterned pillows and throws on your sofa.


These matching sofa colours for your interior design scheme are a great starting point and will give you some ideas to think over as you get ready to decorate and beautify your home. It’s all about creating calming spaces that are also inspiring and unique. While using neutrals is always a safe decorating path to go down and wall paint colour choice, you can always opt for purple or blue paint which is trending this year and will give you a bolder look and feel in your living area. Whatever you do, make sure it suits you and your home in the end